Top 7 Reasons Your CEO Needs to Guest on More Podcasts

CEO on podcast

In the United States, 68 million individuals listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. Even more listeners tune in worldwide, making podcasting an amazing platform to get the word out about your company. Many podcasts invite thought leaders to join the conversation. Perhaps your company’s CEO has been asked to be a guest on a podcast or two.

Some companies worry about whether or not guesting on podcasts is worth the CEO’s time. However, there are many great benefits for both your CEO and the company when he or she guests on podcast episodes. The following are seven great reasons for your CEO to dive into the world of podcasting.

1. It gives your company great exposure.

Guesting on podcasts is a great public relations tool because it allows people outside your company to familiarize themselves with your CEO. Exposure is the very lifeblood of a company, which means this benefit cannot be overstated.

Your CEO has an opportunity for personal and company branding within podcast episodes where they’re welcomed as guests. They have an opportunity to shape the conversation and help others see your company in a new light.

Many company boards want their CEO to take an active role in promoting the brand. Podcast episodes are a powerful way to do exactly that. When listeners like what your CEO contributes to the conversation, they’re more likely to show interest in your brand.

2. It positions the CEO as a thought leader in the field.

When people hear from your CEO through podcast episodes, they become more familiar with who your CEO and what your company has to offer. As your CEO guests on more podcast episodes, it increases their credibility as a thought leader in the field.

This is a meaningful way to further your company’s place in important conversations. It also allows your CEO to stand apart from the crowd, especially as audiences build familiarity with their contributions and personality.

Podcast hosts have a special knack for pulling the best from their guests. As they ask your CEO questions about background, the company, and challenges in your industry, your CEO has the opportunity to contribute something meaningful to the conversation.

3. Each podcast episode can be transformed into content and marketing assets for your company.

Marketing assets can be adapted into various pieces of content from guest spots on podcasts, turning each episode into great content and marketing assets. When your CEO is a guest on a podcast, it’s a great opportunity to share that conversation with individuals who already follow your company.

Podcasts are one of the most valuable assets for marketing. Although many companies focus on producing written content in-house, delivering podcast episodes to your company’s audience is a great marketing tool that should not be overlooked.

For many people, podcast episodes are easier to consume. Individuals listen to podcast episodes during their commute and in their downtime. This is a huge opportunity for your CEO to reach an audience he or she might not otherwise reach.

Best of all, your marketing department can build content (such as blog posts, webinars, and other assets) from the information shared in the podcast episode. The value of the conversation doesn’t have to be limited to a single podcast episode!

4. Your CEO can provide a behind-the-scenes look at your company’s culture.

The personality and culture of your company has an opportunity to shine when your CEO is a guest on a podcast. This gives potential employees great insight into your company. It’s an opportunity for your CEO to build your company’s credibility and trust in the marketplace.

People do business with individuals they know, like, and trust. When your CEO is a guest on podcast episodes, he or she has the opportunity to build familiarity and trust with new people. Listeners have the opportunity to learn about your CEO, their values, their struggles, their mission, and how they’re contributing to the industry.

5. It’s a great tool for attracting talented employees.

Guesting on podcast episodes is a powerful way to promote your company. Your CEO has the opportunity to attract both buyers and future employees. Listeners often feel connected to podcast guests, especially when they feel like they’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at that person’s personality.

This is a meaningful way to promote the vision and mission of your company. When listeners get a sense of what it would be like to work for your CEO, they may be motivated to apply for open positions within the company.

Even if your company does a great job finding new talent, this allows your company to cast a wider net. Listeners who might not otherwise see your company’s job postings may be able to contribute to your company’s success.

6. It helps your CEO build a larger network of like-minded professionals.

When your CEO guests on podcasts, he or she has the opportunity to reach like-minded professionals through networking events. Their participation in podcasts allows them to build relationships with others in the industry. These relationships can lead to amazing collaborations.

In many cases, guesting on one podcast opens the door to guest on others. When your CEO shows that they’re willing to participate in a podcast, they get even more opportunities for collaboration. Your CEO will become a recognized voice in the industry when they guest on podcasts.

Some podcasts invite multiple guests to join a panel of experts on a podcast episode. These types of collaborations are a great way for your CEO to work with like-minded individuals in the industry. It may even lead to professional collaborations between companies!

7. It gives your CEO an opportunity to make an impact on the next generation of CEOs.

Everyone has to start somewhere. When your CEO shares the story of how they became a CEO, they may be inspiring the next generation of leaders. While your CEO may still invest in formal mentoring relationships, the “mentoring” offered through podcast episodes may inspire the next great leader in your industry.

Podcast episodes are a powerful tool for connecting people even if they never meet. Your CEO can offer inspiration and encouragement to young, aspiring leaders.


If your CEO is asked to guest on a podcast episode, they should do it! Podcast episodes are a great tool that allows your CEO to connect with new people, share ideas, and promote your company. When they guest on multiple podcasts, it provides more opportunities for people to hear about the mission and vision of your company.